73+ Best Funny Selfie Captions

Best Funny Selfie Captions for Instagram, Whatsapp and Snapchat
Best Funny Selfie Captions for Instagram, Whatsapp and Snapchat

Best Funny Selfie Captions for Instagram – Now a days taking a selfie are the common things which almost everyone does. also what everyone does is that they write some inspiring, motivating captions / Quotes for their photos, which is not bad but its like everyone does the same. So its always better to be out of the heard.

Funny Captions will do the work for you as they are very catchy and are in trends and entertaining. So, We have also made work simpler for you. We have made a lists of some of the best Funny Selfie Captions for Instagram and also for other Social Media platform as well. Also, the Selfies are very unique you wont find this funny captions over the internet else you can say its orignals from captionsforinstagram.com .

So fell free to copy them and use them your funny selfies. here are they:

Best Funny Selfie Captions for Boys

Best Funny Selfie Captions for Boys
Best Funny Selfie Captions for Boys
  1. Have a look at my strong muscles
  2. Hot as a sausage.
  3. Long time not met a handsome man.
  4. Bow your head in front of the almighty selfie god.
  5. You make my heart lazy it skip the bit some times.
  6. A real man will never ever take a selfie, It’s about its reputation.
  7. It’s not one of the worst days my body and bone has seen.
  8. I can make six-pack but I am simple men don’t believe in show off.
  9. People think I dress up very nicely but who will explain then it’s purely natural.
  10. I am a perfect combination of 50% Savage and other 50% Sweetness.
  11. Funny face in the selfies is becoming a trend now.
  12. New look but don’t make the same mistake again and again.
  13. Take a Picture of me looking idiot.
  14. We don’t choose life but they only can choose us.
  15. You want to be good or the bad It’s you’re and only you choose.
  16. Forget the tension and problems of your life and stay foolish for some time.
  17. Classic styling will never ever go out of fashion.
  18. Never mind me, I am just like that, It’s difficult to understand me.
  19. I always remain a good boy for all the whole world except the person who knows me.

These were best Funny Selfie Captions for Boys. Also, Check Best Savage Selfie Captions for Instagram

Best Funny Selfie Captions for Girls

Best Funny Selfie Captions for Girls
Best Funny Selfie Captions for Girls
  1. I wake up whenever and however I want.
  2. My muscles are burning due to the daily workout but people always say the girl on fire.
  3. Small Hurricane combination with morning sunshine.
  4. Life would never be perfect but you can make it the best-updated version.
  5. I am always and always be the most classic, sassy in this entire universe.
  6. NO effect on the stress and pain by changing outfits.
  7. I am priceless it would take your entire life to find my price but still you will be unsuccessful.
  8. My confidence increases with an increase in the filter in my selfie.
  9. Everybody grows up but I grow and grow up at the same time.
  10. Stop staring at me it makes me nervous.
  11. Picture capture somethings that you don’t show.
  12. Catch me If you have…
  13. I am a doctor in selfie you can come for the course.
  14. Measure my sassiness not my college scores.

These were best Funny Selfie Captions for Girls Also Check Best Quarantine Selfie Captions for Instagram

Most Comical Selfie Captions

Best Funny Selfie Captions
My dog dared me to do this selfie. – Most Comical Selfie Captions
  1. I challenge my pet that I can do this selfie.
  2. This selfie is just a small thing for me.
  3. I think so even the letter ‘g’ has more value in ‘lasagna’ than you in my life.
  4. It never thought to go it my cat forced me to do it.
  5. I am the person in this galaxy I don’t have to prove it.
  6. Sometimes fun may also be ridiculed.
  7. I have to give you a regular dose of vitamin I.
  8. Fresh and sweet just like me.
  9. All my friend think I need therapy, They don’t know you are my therapy
  10. I all ways take 30 photos and spend 30 min to decide which is the best.
  11. I always wanted to have 5 months of vacation two times in a year.
  12. Don’t complain about what you don’t have, I am patent of all the parents.
  13. Selfies help you cope up with the depression and anxiety.
  14. I am not so funny but I have the best funny selfie captions from .
  15. Give me a selfie nothing will break I promise.
  16. You will regret this whole of your life I am sure about that.
  17. Selfies sometimes make me not understand my face.
  18. I am a shining star that’s never ever going to its property to shine.

Final Words – Funny Selfie Captions for Instagram

So these were some of the Funny Selfie Captions for Instagram, quotes, status for your Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat. I hope you would be able to find the best one for your Selfie. Also, If you have any other Funny Selfie Captions for Instagram suggestions comment down below & we would love to add that to our list.

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