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samosa is that one dish that we all love to eat. It is crispy, spicy, crunchy which makes everyone fall in love with it. We know we all love it, we all enjoy it. If you also love eating samosa like all of us then share it with all your friends and family but wait for this you might need samosa captions This is the reason for which we are here to help you out in finding the best captions for you.

Best Samosa captions

Samosa captions for instagram

  • Felt hungry and now Samosa-ddenly, here I am.
  •  So often these days eating Indian food passes for spirituality. I don’t meditate, I don’t pray, but I eat two samosa’s every day.
  • I have go filling for you.
  • Samosa the time I don’t eat deep fried foods, but for these I make an exception.
  • How am I Samosa know?
  • Yeah I’m pretty wholesome. I can fit a wholesome……..osa in my mouth.
  • Chut up and enjoy some samosas.
  • Dekh kar Samose k aloo ko,Hoti hai Dil me jhankar…… Bas bas ise hi toh kehte hain pyaar Omeri_diary_me_aagaz.
  • Samosa Chutney be the best midday snacks to munch on
  • Tea-time sorted with these crispy Samosas stuffed with spicy filling of choice.
  • Chut-needed this today. 
  • Fresh samosas have me Filling real good.
  • Didn’t mean to catch Fillings today, but then these samosas came along…
  • Will never drop this samosa cuz I don’t wanna hurt its fillings.
  • Nothing can beat the combination of SAMOSA & JALEBI
  • Yeah I’m pretty wholesome. I can fit a wholesome… osa in my mouth.
  • Just imagine how awesome life would be if samosa made you skinny.
  • Wanted to resist samosas today but I couldn’t keep my mouth Chut…… ney.
  • I’ve got a Chutney’d for speed.
Just imagine how awesome life would be if samosa made you skinny.

Cute Samosa Puns

  • I’ve got Fillings for you.
  • You and I are Samosa be together!
  • I love you the Sa-mosta.
  • So happy I’ve gotten to know samos-ya.
  • You are Samosa-ch a catch.
  • You’ve got me Filling some type of way.
  • I’ve always had a good Filling about you.
  • Evenings are incomplete without samosa.
  • The great Indian samosa
  • samosa ya jalebi?
  • Nothing can beat the combination of SAMOSA & JALEBI
  • I love you because you complete me – said samosa to chatni
  • I like happy endings.
  • You are aalooto my samosa
  • I love you more than all the samosas in the world.
  • You’re the chutney to my samosa.
  • plate me samosa samose me aalu tu dekhne me hai bhola ander se hai chalu
Best Samosa captions

Funny Samosa Captions

Why couldn’t the Samosa run?
He had a chut-knee injury.

Why can’t you drop a samosa?
You’ll hurt its Fillings.

Did you hear the mystery about the saucy samosa that fell on the ground?
… It was actually an Open Chut case.

What are you gonna pick? 😋
Yaha hai Kachori, Samosa & Bread Pakoda!!

I am a samosa

My personality is spicy

My body is meaty one wants to eat me!

In this era of tea lovers,

Be the one who loves

to experience samosa.

Samosa always compliments tea.

Best Samosa captions

Samosa Captions

  • Spice up your taste buds with samosa and chaat.
  • Sabse Saste Lekin Ekdam Tasty
  • Evening munching:- Samosa & Jalebi 
  • The only triangle I love 
  • Weather’s demand , garam garam SAMOSA !
  • Why couldn’t the Samosa run? He had a chut-knee injury
  • It’s time for some evening snacks and what can be better than samosa.
  • Samosa lover.
  • A little crispy start a little mushy next. Served hot, served right.
  • A good friend becomes your best friend if you have shared samosas more than secrets
  • Samose me se aloo nikal kar khanewalo ko bus yahi kehna hai Kaha se late ho itna talent
  • I count days before I finally start DIETING, So that I could have SAMOSA heart fully…


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